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Save on Health Expenses

According to a study published in JMPT (Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics) May 2007, choosing a chiropractor as your primary care physician could help you save 60% on hospital admissions, 59% on hospital days, 62% on outpatient surgeries and procedures as well as 85% on pharmaceutical costs and use.

How does that happen? Let´s look at some other major investments we make and how we take care for them. When taking care of your car or your home we perform regular scheduled maintenance. Major damage is avoided by having our brakes and oil checked to ensure our major investments will last longer. With our body, we don´t do regular maintenance and system checks, we do early detection tests.

On a yearly basis we have our blood checked to see if we have high cholesterol or blood sugar. Nothing is typically done until we reach the problem or disease state. Waiting until a diagnosis is given can be too late. It is similar to waiting until the wheels in your car make a loud noise before getting them checked out. The big difference is that you can replace your brakes. Your heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and spine can´t be replaced. Once these have diseases, they can only be managed with medication and potentially surgeries, which are costly and permanent. When natural interventions and remedies are introduced and regularly used, these problems can be prevented and avoided. The result is that you save significant amounts of money.

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