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Avoiding Allergies

These are the steps we can take to reduce the severity of the allergy season:


The Nervous System is the body´s information processing and messenger system. When this delicate machinery is compromised, it can adversely affect your immune response and cause congestion, sneezing and allergies.


Postural imbalances can arise from birth or occur at any point during the life span. The I-Test can determine the presence of a postural imbalance. Stand and face the mirror. Are your ears and shoulders level? If not, there may be a postural imbalance preventing you from reacting to allergens.


Inadequate amounts of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and micro-nutrients can cause your body to overreact to allergens and make you congested, foggy headed, and bogged down. To ensure you are receiving the right nutrients to support the best immune system reactions and a safe allergy season, schedule a check up with Dr. Gerstin for easy, safe, natural, and fast results.

For a nervous system check up, postural assessment, and nutrition evaluation to prevent or remove your allergies this year click here.


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